Right from waiting for public transport at the bus stand to booking a ride online, the transport system has come a long way. Speaking about commuting today, like everything else mobility is also available right at your fingertips. The transport system in urban cities comprises of a new feather in their hat known as micro mobility. E-scooters and Electric bikes have filled the streets of almost every major city of the globe lately making micro mobility the new mode of commuting from one place to another. What makes e-scooters and electric bikes so popular across the planet? Well the answer to this question is that apart from being environment friendly, micro mobile vehicles are compact which ultimately result in being user-friendly.

After looking at the brighter side of using e-transport as a way to commute it is safe to say that Micro-mobility has the potential to change the way you travel.

E-Travelling = Safe Travelling In order to avoid travelling in public transport, micro-mobility can be seen as a new alternative to commute on a day to day basis. Overall, along with private cars and scooters, e- scooters, electric bikes and bicycles are considered to be a safer option to travel. When it comes to hygiene awareness, micro-mobility is preferably less risky than public transport. Isn’t it safe to travel alone in order to maintain social distancing? It has already been discussed above that risk of infection is the major factor that is impacting the decision of travelling these days. Keeping that in mind, it can be said micro-mobility is significantly safer than most public transport. Data figures state that 23% respondents reported they purchased a bike, e-bike, or e-scooter as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, while just 6% purchased a car, truck, or motorcycle. These trends show that electric bikes and e- scooters are a convenient, affordable, and safe way to get around, and are the transportation mode of this unique time, as well as our future.


A better alternative to traffic and congestion on streets Air pollution levels worldwide have risen significantly over the past few years. The health impacts of air pollution are linked to several diseases and health conditions such as asthma and other breathing problems. One of the most important factors which has made micro mobility immensely popular is its environment friendliness. With micro mobility solutions we end up burning no fossil fuel but relying on sources of energy that resultantly creates zero pollution. When it comes to eco-friendly transportation taking up in the near future, micro-mobility is set to be the new wave. While adopting micro-mobility, energy efficiency plays an integral part. The benefits of micro-mobility are enough to encourage companies and individuals to switch over to e- transportation for commuting. Last mile ride is the new cool.

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