Grow your business exponentially by choosing from a variety of share-ready electric vehicles to create your ideal fleet. We provide you with the best possible hardware, with an exceptional IoT ecosystem, user-friendly software that complements one another & ultimately results in the best platform around.

Customise your brand

Our share-ready vehicles are dynamic, customisable, and made to resonate with the mission that embodies you as a business and the legacy you want to create.

Built-in IoT Technology

TRC enables you to migrate your existing fleet to our system. Our built-in platform supports multi-modal service to expand your reach with the existing fleet or to choose from a range of IoT-enabled share-ready vehicles.

Shipping will never be a problem

We’ll handle all the sourcing, manufacturing and shipping. Our catalog of vehicles is always growing, so there is always room to scale up your business. Whether you’re an experienced business or new to the mobility ecosystem, TRC can help!