Seamlessly bring your fleet into the 21st century

Grow your business exponentially by choosing from a variety of share-ready electric vehicles to create your ideal fleet. We provide you with the best possible hardware, with an exceptional IoT ecosystem, user-friendly software that complements one another & ultimately results in the best platform around.

User App

Our share-ready vehicles are dynamic, customisable, and made to resonate with the mission that embodies you as a business and the legacy you want to create.

Fleet Management Tools

Define your logo and your company through our user application, and let your brand shine to your customers in  iOS, Android, Huawei stores.

  • Carbon footprint tracker
  • Built live chat
  • Multi-model fleet compatibility
  • Membership plans

Operator App

Consistency is key, so that’s why we provide an operator app that allows you and your team to maintain an efficient workforce. Giving your operators easy to track earnings & rewards, while making their jobs easier with useful filtering of tasks and a built-in knowledge base.

  • Earning and rewards
  • Task assignments and filtering
  • GPS login spots for better tracking
  • Built-in knowledge base