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MaaS - Advanced transportation

We integrate your business from a vision into reality

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a platform that covers all aspects of transportation and replace the old method with an advanced system that uses digital gadgets:

  • Real-time data used to plan and facilitate passenger journeys
  • Leverage infrastructure
  • Improved quality life
  • Reduce vehicles miles per person
  • Support urban real estate development
  • Data Analytics
Demand-responsive transport
In your location discover what you can unlock and book the nearest vehicle
White Label Micro-mobility
Increase access to public transportation and lower operational costs.
Shared Ready Vehicles
Cities are increasingly adopting greener modes of transport like e-bikes and e-scooters.
What will you get?

Empower Your City With MaaS Solution

At TRC, we have carefully crafted user-friendly applications to assist our partners in better understanding how their fleets operate on the ground level. Our platform also helps our partners to understand their revenue model and analyze the real-time condition of their fleet.
We provide our partners with the feasibility of integrating their branding and marketing strategy into our platforms to save time and effort and be effective and efficient in the mobility ecosystem. We have a one-stop-shop solution that helps our partners with any vehicle or car fleet. We provide ongoing support 24/7 to assist parking wardens for a seamless operations

Our dashboard console system makes it easy for you to delegate tasks, stamp out miscommunication, and ensure that your transactions are precise. Our intelligent AI system eliminates any errors that a human might make. The advantage of remote management is that our partners can oversee the operations from a distance, which can help ensure the professionals make decisions on the team or the results are achieved. The benefits of this software will ultimately boost your work efficiency.
TRAC’s smart parking management solution ensures that your parking needs are always met. We provide powerful analytic tools that make it easy to see critical visual statistics in real-time, helping you to drive profits and ROIs.

Our software is designed specifically for operators so that you can get the most out of it! We have adapted our solution to meet the needs of your operators, and we are confident they will be pleased with it. Our integrated live chat system makes communication with the home base operator and colleagues incredibly easy. It’s specifically designed to help get things done quickly and efficiently. Each of our operation applications are explicitly designed to meet your needs. We know exactly what your operators need to make their workday run smoothly!

Features that stand out

Customizable User App

Modern design & layout for iOS & Android Apps

Simple Registration Process

GDPR-compliant registration process

Secure Rental Process

Easy process of renting to find and use nearby vehicles

Billing & Invoicing System

•Asynchronous billing, rebilling and refunding system

User Management

Track user behaviour such as current orders and past journeys

Data Analytics

Data visualization on aggregate usage rate, individual user retention, etc

User Engagement

Coupon, marketing codes and Refer a friend scheme

Something in your mind?

Let's talk about your vision and let us help you to bring to reality

We do our research and analysis and provide you with details that highlights where your city can improve and recommed a tailored smart solution to start with