On-street Parking is where you can park your vehicle in the eligible spot on the street, sidewalk or the curb of the road. The process of On-street parking is simple where you need to look for the sign that can explain the conditions of the parking to avoid penalties and keep the movement of the city organised. However, this method of parking is facing some challenges and with the increase number of population and movement its becoming difficult to keep up with the speed and having a highly organised city. These have drawn a serious obstacle in On-street parking which resulted a heavy restrictions because drivers spends a long time in;

  • Amount spend waiting for an available parking
  • Searching for parking spot
  • Increase fuel time usages due to moving in the same road searching for a parking spot

Here at TRC we crafted our smart parking solution

that focuses specifically on On-street parking where we have created a software system that allows you to keep the city organised, maintain city movement and decrease time and fuels usages to search for the parking spot.

In our smart solution we provide a smart parking software, user application and operations application that aims to upgrade the current parking method with an advanced service that covers the overall process of On-street parking, where the user can

Live status of the parking spot
Be consistently informed
Complete payments and ticketing system
Presenting the recommended route

What is TRC smart solution?

General -DRAFT (new one been made)

Smart parking software: You will have a dashboard where you will be able to strengthen your business structure because you can have a full dashboard that shows all the information needed about your parking system operations on your screen. Also, you will have access to enjoy unique features such as us

  • Real-time information that is related to the parking spot.
  • One payment system that covers all options of parking process like increase parking time, penalties and more.
  • Providing multiple options of pricing packages and subscriptions to the users.
  • A reward section where each task will have a specific point.

All these features will allow you to maintain high-quality work, provide efficient services and identify opportunities.

User App: We have built this application to serve the user’s needs and assist them in each step of the parking process where you can manage their request and serve them. Our user application has been created in a way that allows you to show the overall parking process in a creative way without leaving the user alone.

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How does it work?

We designed our smart parking solution with sustainability as the core focus providing a quality service that covers the whole process of parking, guides the user, fulfils their needs and without harming the environment. Smart parking is a solution that uses limited sources of gadgets such as; sensors and cameras that assist the driver to navigate to the best parking spot based on the location.

  • Sensor Connected Solution & IoT Rich data sets that can be used to identify trends, peak times, and other metrics.
  • Reduces traffic by guiding the driver where they need to go and providing real-time information that is related to the parking spot.
  • Generates revenue for the city thereby removing the middlemen (contracts). Increased profits and control of the streets.

What's the next step?

Now you have an idea of how smart parking works and how our smart solution covers all aspects of the parking process. Now we are looking forward to hearing your vision and talking to one of our experts to give an idea of what it will look like in reality. The best part of the whole process is that your vision will get recognised because it’s a white-label solution where you will get the chance for your brand to shine and create a strong platform that not only covers the parking process but also be remarkably useful for marketing.