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For decades we have been told that current transportation modes adversely affect our planet, but we have been deprived of quality alternatives that are easily accessible and affordable. HopOn bridges that gap between the way we used to travel to the way we are going to travel. These claims are backed by an e-mobility sharing application that enables us to conveniently rent numerous types of electric vehicles that are exclusively powered by solar energy.

HopOn is not only the first company ever to provide fully solar panel stations with wireless charging but also happens to be a proud Saudi company. The entrepreneurs/co-founders started their journey in the mobility ecospace without any previous experience in the said industry but were persistent in capitalising the abundance of solar energy in the country and providing people with a sustainable mode of transportation. This ideology and entrepreneurial spirit was highly appreciated by Emaar and Mr. Kamal Alborno as he expressed


“we need entrepreneurs like you, what can we do for you to come to our city?”.


This exemplifies and reinstates Saudi Arabia’s vision of 2030 where we as individuals and as a nation unite to move towards a sustainable future. HopOn was founded in early 2019, with their first order of 150 scooters. The services were launched in 2019 during a golf tournament in King Abdullah Economic City where hopOn team completed 2000 successful rides in a single event. So far the team has achieved over 2 million+ rides and catered over 110,000 users.

hopOn also enjoys the luxury of operating in a country rich in solar energy and have therefore launched a Wireless Charging Station which extensively runs on solar power.


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However, things didn’t always go as planned for hopOn, as once the firm received unconditional support from Emaar as well as Monshaat and moved to KAEC, the firm had to deal with shipment delays and licensing difficulties as hopOn was the first e-scooter company to introduce such a product in the country. But by the grace of god, hopOn finally launched in 2019 during The International Saudi Male Golf Tournament. With only two employees and more than a thousand customers to cater to, the tournament was a huge success for the firm as customers enjoyed riding hopOn scooters which also was a proof of concept for the business.


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